Compella Bariatric Bed
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Compella Bariatric Bed

Our latest advancement, the Compella Bariatric Bed, helps you streamline workflow, deliver safe care and enhance dignity for patients of size.


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Our Compella Bariatric Bed's innovative design features technology that can help you:

Streamline Workflow

  • IntelliDrive® XL powered drive allows your team to perform safe, efficient patient transports throughout your healthcare facility
  • Exclusive, powered width expansion technology reduces the time and effort needed to configure the bed to your patient's size and transport needs
  • With our FlexAFoot™ feature, the bed can be quickly, easily reconfigured to fit your patient's height, reducing the need for transfers or repositions
  • NaviCare® Nurse Call, smart connectivity and digital status boards provide you with real-time views of staff activity, bed status and patient protocols

Deliver Safer Patient Care

  • Programmable Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy (CLRT) supports protocols that can prevent ventilator-associated complications
  • Head-of-bed angle indicator and alert provide responsive monitoring and protocol compliance
  • 3-mode bed exit helps prevent patient falls
  • The silence feature keeps the alarm set and engaged, so your caregivers don't need to intervene as often
  • Surface options are designed to help prevent and treat skin breakdown

Enhance Patient Dignity

  • The Compella bed's design, color and styling are consistent with standard Hillrom patient beds
  • Sturdy siderails, plus easy access to the controls and the trapeze, allow your patients to confidently reposition themselves, giving them more independence
A caregiver holding a tablet device talks with a patient in her hospital room. She rests comfortably in a Compella Bariatric Bed.

Powered width expansion

1-button adjustment expands frame and bed surface from 40" to 50" and can reduce caregiver exertion by 100% 1

Powered transport

IntelliDrive® XL can reduce by 50% the physical effort needed to move the bed

Pulmonary management

Programmable Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy (CLRT) helps prevent ventilator-associated complications
A caregiver checks her patient's positioning in the Compella® Bariatric Care Bed and pushes the Nurse Call button to clear an alert.

Fall Prevention

  • 3-mode bed exit supports fall prevention protocols
  • Silence feature keeps alert engaged and set without repetitive intervention
  • NaviCare Nurse Call and clinical status board can help identify fall risks

Technical Specifications

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Bed Low/High position— Sleep Deck to Floor 47 cm / 68 cm
Minimum Overall Bed Width (Width Extenders Retracted) 109 cm
Minimum Overall Bed Length (Foot Section Retracted) 231 cm
Patient Weight Capacity 453.6 kg

Education & Documentation

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Product Documentation

  1. Hill-Rom Study. Powered transport and width expansion vs. manual and non-powered. March 2015.