TL1000 Exam Light
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TL1000 Exam Light

Wide Range of Applications


TL 1000 Exam Light combines the essential features of Hillrom’s innovative lighting solutions into a compact exam light. Equipped with powerful LED technology, the light is extremely efficient, offering high intensity and performance. Ceiling, wall, pendant, or mobile versions offer you versatility and a wide range of applications.


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Excellent Light Quality

  • Hillrom’s multi-lens matrix ensures evenly distributed light in both surface and depth offering high light emission and quality.

Flexibility and Durability 

  • The long life cycle, low power consumption, and low production of heat of the individual LED lenses make the light more efficient in everyday use. The TL 1000 Exam Light is a sensible solution for examination rooms and intensive care units in the hospital, as well as for use in clinics and medical practices.

Technical Specifications

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Illumination Level Ec at 1 m (lx) 80000
Pattern Size (d10) at 1 m (cm) 16
Color Temperature (K) 4500
Color Rendering Index Ra 95
Average Service Life of the LEDs (h) > 50,000

* Values subject to change

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