TS7500 Hybrid OR Table
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TS7500 Hybrid OR Table

Increase flexibility in your OR and get the whole picture with enhanced visibility through integrated imaging equipment.


As your OR team adapts to the day’s challenges, your equipment should do the same. The TS 7500 Hybrid OR System Table was designed with the flexibility to support many surgical disciplines, and to work seamlessly with the latest angiography systems and in combination with intraoperative CTs and MRIs.


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  • The TS 7500 Surgical Tabletop can be easily exchanged with the patient on it with a motorized shuttle, helping increase patient safety and optimizing your workflow.
  • The free-floating Carbon FloatLine tabletop offers up to 2.1 m of radiolucent area, even in Trendelenburg position, giving clear sight and exceptional imaging performance. Additional carbon accessories allow for different disciplines and applications.
  • The SQ14 Extra Tabletop provides flexible beach chair positioning in neurosurgery, along with an X-Y adjustment option.
  • Integration with imaging devices and feedback messages for the user create an easy working environment.
  • Rapid adjustment speeds provide an ideal platform for cardiovascular surgery.
  • Enjoy convenient operation with free-floating movement via sensor technology, even in the Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg position.

Ideal for Cardiovascular Surgery

Rapid speed of adjustment, up to 7 in. (185 mm) per second.

Ideal for Neurosurgery

Flexible beach chair positioning, plus X-Y adjustment option.

Ideal for Spinal Surgery

Positioning components allow for a multitude of imaging platforms.

Ideal for Trauma and Orthopedics

Imaging range of 6.9 ft. (2.10 m) aids in entire body diagnosis.

Technical Specifications

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Tabletop Dimensions 2050 mm x 432 mm x 270 mm
Patient Weight Capacity 225 kg in zero position; 180 kg with longitudinal shift
Height Adjustment Mobile column: 510 mm – 1,060 mm / Stationary Column: 490 mm - 1,040 mm / Floor Mounted Column: 520 mm – 1,070 mm
Longitudinal Slide Mobile column: 600 mm Stationary Column / 800 mm Floor Mounted Column / 800 mm
Adjustment Speed of Longitudinal Slide Mobile Column: 80 mm/s / Stationary Column: 80 mm/s / Floor Mounted Column: 80 mm/s
X-ray Area (Cranial) Mobile Column: 1442 mm x 432 mm / Stationary Column: 1642 mm x 432 mm / Floor Mounted Column: 1642 mm x 432 mm
Trendelenburg Mobile column: ± 20° / Stationary Column: ± 20° / Floor Mounted Column: ± 20°
Tilt Mobile column: ± 15° / Stationary Column: ± 15° / Floor Mounted Column: ± 15°

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