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Employee Resource Groups

See how these teams are empowering diversity, inclusion and belonging around the world.

When our teams come together for a shared passion, the possibilities are endless.

This is what makes our Employee Resource Groups so powerful. These company-sponsored, employee-led teams each focus on different aspects of diversity, inclusion and belonging — and they help keep us moving forward. Open to all Hillrom employees, these resource groups give our teams a forum to come together with others who share their passions and experiences, along with opportunities for meaningful interactions with our leadership teams.

Read on to learn what drives each team, and how they’re making an impact around the world.


A Black Professional Organization

Embrace employee resource group logo

What Drives Us

The mission of the Embrace resource group is to create a lasting, supportive work environment that attracts, retains, develops and promotes Black professionals. We do this through mentorship, networking and sponsorship opportunities.

How We’re Making an Impact

In order to attract and retain Black talent, we need to not only support their careers today, but also tomorrow. We’re doing this through:

  • In-person and virtual training, to help our team members reach their full potential
  • Education to help all our colleagues better understand and support each other — ranging from moderated discussions with our Executive Leadership Team to Black history and cultural education for our teams around the globe
  • Support and direction for practices and policies that will help us attract and maintain Black talent
Mekashia Chenault, Hillrom Senior Manager, Global Marketing

“Being a servant leader, the opportunity to serve as the inaugural Chair for the EMBRACE Chicago chapter has given me an opportunity to fully embrace building connections, drive community engagement and outreach opportunities, and most importantly broaden cultural awareness and education. Connections, Community, and Culture are the core mission pillars of our chapter, and I’m honored to lead and impact both our Chicago office and broader community through strengthening networks and professional development for Black professionals.”

— Mekashia Chenault, Senior Manager, Global Marketing, Illinois

Cameron Wilder, Hillrom Account Executive, Patient Monitoring and Diagnostics

“It is highly encouraging to work for a company that supports an organization like Embrace. Embrace has provided a platform that has helped me grow not only as a sales professional but as a member of my community as well. As a member of the Embrace Leadership Team, I am looking forward to developing new ideas with aspirations to increase diversity within Hillrom.”

— Cameron Wilder, Account Executive, Patient Monitoring and Diagnostics, Georgia


This screen shot from a video features Hillrom team members introducing the Embrace employee resource group

Hillrom celebrates the launch of its Skaneateles Embrace employee resource group with local organization, 100 Black Men of Syracuse
Hillrom’s Paula Miller interviews board member Felicia Norwood

Paula Miller, Hillrom’s Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, hosts an interview with Hillrom board member Felicia Norwood where they discuss, among other things, the importance of employee resource groups in driving corporate performance and better serving our customers


Hillrom Organization for Latino Advancement

HOLA employee resource group logo

What Drives Us

The Hillrom Organization for Latino Advancement (HOLA) brings diverse perspectives together to empower and support our Hispanic and Latino team members. We strive to bring our colleagues closer together and to foster a greater level of respect for the unique differences that make us stronger. We do this by:

  • Providing mentorship opportunities
  • Celebrating and promoting events to raise awareness of Hispanic and Latino cultures
  • Helping to understand internal and external customers’ preferences and goals
  • Creating a sense of family to cultivate meaningful relationships

How We’re Making an Impact

Since our founding in 2019, the HOLA team has been active — and growing fast. For example, the group:

  • Publishes regular newsletters educating members and other Hillrom colleagues on Hispanic and Latino cultures — including in-depth profiles of notable figures throughout Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Organizes social networking events to foster strong teams
  • Shares insights and perspectives from Hispanic and Latino leaders across Hillrom
Esther Fernandez, Hillrom Senior Project Manager

“HOLA was born with a passion to promote diversity, inclusion and belonging for the Hispanic/Latino community in Hillrom. I love being part of something bigger than me that creates a safe space for people to belong. In HOLA, we share our customs and traditions, teach our language, celebrate our successes and spend time together to cultivate meaningful relationships within the group. I am so grateful to be part of this big FAMILIA!”

— Esther Fernandez, Senior Project Manager, Ireland

Sandra Perez, Hillrom Regional Service Director

“What does HOLA mean to me? HOLA means family, connection, celebration, creativity and respect. We work together to positively impact the Hillrom workplace by cultivating professional insights into our culture of commitment and passion.”

— Sandra Perez, Regional Service Director

The HOLA employee resource group hosts a Dia de Reyes celebration

The HOLA employee resource group hosts a Dia de Reyes celebration


Individuals with Disabilities Empowered to Achieve

IDEA employee resource group logo

What Drives Us

The I.D.E.A. resource group fosters inclusion and belonging for Hillrom employees with disabilities — and for our employees caring for individuals with disabilities. We strive to:

  • Help our Hillrom colleagues understand workplace trends affecting individuals with disabilities
  • Provide targeted education
  • Drive global accessibility improvements to help all our colleagues perform at their highest levels
  • Become an employer of choice for people with disabilities all around the world

How We’re Making an Impact

We want our employees who identify with disabilities — or those caring for loved ones with disabilities at home — to reach their full potential. Our goals are to:

  • Establish meaningful community relationships to attract people with disabilities
  • Educate current and future employees on individuals with disabilities
  • Partner with internal Hillrom teams to improve services for employees — including wellness, IT, compliance and others
  • Establish processes to attract individuals with disabilities, and encourage self-identification
Lori Fitzgerald, Hillrom National Vice President, Clinical Solutions

“Serving as co-chair of the I.D.E.A. (Individuals with Disabilities Empowered to Achieve) Resource Group at Hillrom allows me to take part in creating a new world of inclusion and community, where everyone is accepted and welcomed to work together. Supporting new employees, existing employees or family members of employees with disabilities serves to strengthen our company. I am proud to be part of such a wonderful group!”

— Lori Fitzgerald, National Vice President, Clinical Solutions, New Jersey

Zachery Wiles, Hillrom Project Manager, Sustaining Engineering

“Being involved in I.D.E.A. is a way for me to continue to support and lift up my friends and coworkers who may not have the voice they need to advocate for change and inclusion. Individuals with disabilities have been an important part of who I am my entire life and continue to drive me to be who I am today. To be encouraged to drive diversity, inclusion and belonging through I.D.E.A. and in my everyday work makes me proud to work for Hillrom.”

— Zachery Wiles, Project Manager, Sustaining Engineering, Wisconsin

A cake features the I.D.E.A. employee resource group logo

The Hillrom team celebrates its I.D.E.A. employee resource group with some delicious — and beautiful — cake

A T-shirt design shows what drives Hillrom’s I.D.E.A. employee resource group

PRIDE Partnership


PRIDE Partnership employee resource group logo

What Drives Us

Our employees deserve to bring their authentic selves to work — and feel safe doing it. That’s the mission of the Pride Partnership resource group. We partner with Hillrom’s leadership team to promote a culture of respect, diversity and understanding by:

  • Raising awareness of LGBTQIA issues
  • Promoting Hillrom as an employer of choice in the LGBTQIA community
  • Volunteering in the communities where we work
  • Providing mentorship and project leadership opportunities

How We’re Making an Impact

We do more than appreciate our LGBTQIA colleagues — we encourage, develop and celebrate them. A few of the ways the Pride Partnership helps are:

  • Participating in pride events to support LGBTQIA colleagues and community members
  • Focusing on recruiting LGBTQIA talent
  • Creating development opportunities to not just retain, but promote LGBTQIA professionals
Jennifer Gunn, Hillrom Senior UX Designer

“To me, Pride Partnership is all about belonging. When I came out years ago, I was lucky to have an employee group to support me, at a time when I didn't feel like I belonged. Providing a sense of community, where everyone feels safe to be themselves, is fundamental to the Pride Partnership. I'm proud of our community, and proud to work for a company that actively encourages a culture of inclusion and belonging.”

— Jennifer Gunn, Senior UX Designer, Cary, NC

Cesar Duran, Hillrom Supplier Quality Sr. Engineer

“I joined the Pride Partnership resource group to educate others about diversity, and help team members be who they truly are and express themselves without fear. I'm proud to be part of this change and to know there is a sense of belonging at Hillrom that gives each employee a voice.”

— Cesar Duran, Supplier Quality Sr. Engineer, Monterrey, Mexico


The PRIDE Partnership hosts an ice cream social in Hillrom’s Cary, NC, office

Hillrom employees and family members participate in Milwaukee’s PrideFest event

Professional Women’s Group


Professional Women’s Group employee resource group logo

What Drives Us

The Professional Women’s Group is a diverse community of women and men with a mission to provide support, development and advancement opportunities for Hillrom’s women leaders — every day, all around the world. We do this by focusing on:

  • Internal networking and communication
  • Leadership and career development
  • Policies that support attraction and retention
  • Support for Hillrom diversity, inclusion and belonging initiatives

How We’re Making an Impact

With 20 chapters around the world, our Professional Women’s Group is incredibly active. Each chapter organizes events like seminars, networking events — even book clubs. For example, we:

  • Regularly provide educational opportunities on topics ranging from public speaking to stress management — and everything in between
  • Invite women leaders from inside and outside Hillrom to share their experiences through roundtable discussions, webinars, etc.
  • Promote and celebrate events like International Women’s Day
Kathryn Roush, Hilrom Director, Strategic Solutions

“My involvement with PWG means being part of something larger than myself, paying it forward and making a real difference in the lives of all women within our organization. This group is a true example of Hillrom’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, which is one of the many reasons I am proud to be part of the organization."

— Kathryn Roush, Director, Strategic Solutions, Ohio

Sharon Maris, Hillrom Enterprise Marketing Manager

“My personal involvement with Hillrom PWG is important because it provides an opportunity to belong to a community of smart-minded professional women with whom I can network, share personal experiences and ambitions whilst gaining useful insights, tools and other resources to help me thrive. As a member of the Australia chapter, in addition to Global Steer-Co member, I get to interact with business leaders, coaches and all-around superstars who openly discuss the unique challenges faced by women in business. Our resource group is driving gender equality and providing every female employee with the encouragement they need to succeed.”

— Sharon Maris, Enterprise Marketing Manager, Australia


A group of Hillrom employees celebrate International Women’s Day

Hillrom employees, including CEO John Groetelaars, pose in support of equality on International Women’s Day

A group of Hillrom employees smile and talk during a Hillrom Professional Women’s Group networking event

Veteran Employee Team (VET)


VET employee resource group logo

What Drives Us

We know the value veterans bring to our country — and our organization. The Veteran Employee Team was chartered to support the veterans and military service employees already on our team — and encourage more to join us. The VET resource group focuses on:

  • Attracting and retaining veterans
  • Creating awareness and enthusiasm for the skills and value veterans bring to our organization
  • Promoting veteran-related community outreach, partnerships and networking opportunities

How We’re Making an Impact

The VET team has been active in exemplifying and sharing the value veterans bring to Hillrom and the communities we serve. To date, the group has:

  • Recorded interviews with veteran Hillrom team members, sharing how their military service prepared them for successful professional careers
  • Taken part in charitable projects to support and appreciate veterans and active-duty military members
  • Worked with our recruiting team to partner with organizations to help attract more veterans to join the Hillrom team
Keith Gillam, Hillrom Implementation Engineer

“Being part of Hillrom’s VET group means making a positive, meaningful impact within the extended military community. The passion and excitement my colleagues show has made this initiative one of the highlights of my civilian career!”

— Keith Gillam, Implementation Engineer, North Carolina

Christian Brandes, Hillrom Senior Sales Representative

“When I first heard about the Hillrom Veteran Employee Team during our kick-off meeting in Spain last year, I knew that we had to establish an extended chapter in Germany. It started with a small inquiry to the VET team, was carried with wonderful conversations by local colleagues, and ended solemnly with a German VET chapter! Let us stand by the side of Veterans – wherever we can.”

— Christian Brandes, Senior Sales Representative, Germany


Hillrom employees pose with red poppies at a VET event
A large group of Hillrom employees poses with American flags to celebrate the launch of the VET employee resource group

Hillrom employees celebrate the launch of the VET employee resource group

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