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REACH Racial Justice Initiative

Racial Justice is More Than an Initiative — It’s an Imperative

In the fight for racial justice, we cannot be silent. REACH (Representation, Awareness, Education and Community at Hillrom) is a CEO-initiated and sponsored program to support and retain Black team members at every level of Hillrom. We are working to support and attract Black team members, and support our communities in many ways:  

Representation Matters

We aspire to increase Black professional representation and retention at all levels in Hillrom. From expanding Black representation on our Executive Leadership Team to fostering partnerships to attract more diverse talent, we are focused on adding more Black professionals to our team while also supporting their growth and development throughout their careers with Hillrom.

Education Moves Us Forward

To create a culture of allyship, we must educate ourselves. All Hillrom employees participate in conscious inclusion training to help recognize unconscious bias in our daily lives. We also invite outside experts to educate our leaders and teams on racism, discrimination, diversity, inclusion and equity. 

Racial justice cannot wait one moment longer. At Hillrom, we are taking action now to help usher in a brighter tomorrow.

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